If you enjoy playing the Battlestation game series, whether on your PC or on your mobile devices, then you will probably want to download the latest one from the developers. Battle station: Harbinger brings more of the same adventure, this time in a real-time space strategy game. Your mission now is to stop just reaching for the stars and instead be in the midst of an actual space opera on your Android device.

You are tasked to command the best ships that the human race can offer and patrol the universe where 3 other species and a yet unnamed and unknown threat are in play. Your mission is of course to protect the earth from any of these alien forces that would like to do humanity harm. You are given “dangerous and mysterious” missions and as the space ship commander, you are expected to carry them out perfectly.

You get to explore a lot of undiscovered places in the galaxy as you go about your missions and unlock several achievements whenever you are successful. You also get to discover new technology along the way that will further help humanity as they battle against the more advanced tech of the other species. You will be able to acquire new ships for your fleet and upgrade them whenever necessary.

Battlestation: Harbringer is available at an introductory price of $3.99 from the Google Play Store, but it will go back to a higher price later on. There are no in-app purchases so you just pay that one time and you can play the game forever.