The holiday season is now in full swing. We hope that means spending some quality time with friends, family, and loved ones in general, but we suspect it also means many of our regular readers will spend some time helping that same group of people with their new gadgets. Or for that matter, their old gadgets that have been neglected over time.

That used to mean installing another browser for them to use instead of Internet Explorer, or taking care of what should have been regular maintenance in terms of updates. But before we go any further with those thoughts, it seems a good amount may be looking to get help in setting up their first Android smartphone or tablet.

The Android Community crew is taking the rare midweek day off and we will be spending some quality time with our families. We did want to thank our regular readers that help to make the site a success and also wanted to give you a heads up — the news coverage may be slowing down a bit as we roll through December, but things will ramp up quickly as we move into the new year.

Those who have been around realize that is CES time. And as we did last year, the AC team will be heading to Las Vegas. Simply put, look for plenty of CES 2014 coverage from us in January. But for now, we will leave you with this; Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

Before we shut down the computer and begin stuffing ourselves with more food than any one person should normally eat, we do have something to share. Given we suspect some will be helping to setup some tablets and smartphones, we have some app suggestions.

Nate will be offering his suggestions for tablet apps, and I will be doing the same for smartphone apps. These two posts will both follow shortly. Also, those who feel like sharing any tips or tricks to help others — make sure to hit up the comments below.


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