There are several applications available for Android devices that allow people who take a lot of photos to manipulate those photos right on the device. A new photo editing application has now launched for Android devices called Handy Photo. The app promises some impressive photo editing tools that will be more appealing for some users than simple filters.

Version 1.0 of Handy Photo is on Google Play right now for $1.99. The developer of the application is ADVA Soft, and the app has some very cool features. The app has a tool called Move Me that makes it easy to extract objects such as people or other items from your pictures and move them around. The application also has a Magic Crop tool that can not only crop your photos, it will also allow you to un-crop them.

That un-crop feature means that if you take a great photo that isn’t quite centered, you can expand that photo to fix your mistake. The application also has a number of retouching tools available that allow you to improve your photos right from your device. If applying photo filters is something you enjoy doing, the app includes 20 allowing you to put artistic touches on your pics.

The application also has a set of high-quality textures and frames and supports 100% size image viewing. Images of up to 36 megapixels are supported and the application is optimized to run on multiple core processors and GPU’s. The application is available to download right now.

[via SlashGear]