It wasn’t long after the announcement of the Motorola Backflip that Vincent went to have a play with the new Android-based handset. He likes the way the hinge on the device can help to use it as a desk clock or even a widget station without a the dock like the one the DROID demands.

On the other side, the keyboard hardware comes with payoffs that are probably not worth it. Motorola had to make this device more rugged than a normal phone, the main reason is the keyboard, which is exposed even when the Backflip is closed. The large keys on the keyboard are overly firm and tougher than they appear. Motorola’s BACKTRACK is not as expected, but it does the job of scrolling through lists and navigating webpages.

When set to roughly 45-degrees, the Backflip automatically kicks into its media station mode, making it easy to navigate the responsive capacitive touchscreen. The build quality of this handset feels high, and if you consider everything the hinge has to do, it’s still sturdy enough to keep a good balance between ease of opening and holding the Backflip open when in desk mode.

When the review units come out, we’ll put the Motorola Backflip through its paces, until then, enjoy the images and hands-on demo video below.

[vms 7ca7459bcf75fbd024e0]

[Via SlashGear]


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