With removable batteries not available for every phone, it’s often a wise choice to have a back-up battery pack on hand. NO matter what your needs, TYLT’s lineup has you covered. Even if you’re OS agnostic, some TYLT chargers can power both Android and iOS devices quickly and easily. After checking out their massive 10,000mAh pack, we recently got a look at their entire lineup of power packs to find out how they stack up.

As you can see in the picture above, they stack up nicely. TYLT keeps the same design aesthetic throughout their lineup; a squared profile with rounded edges and corners. A colored band cuts through the black finish, bringing a very modern look to a workhorse battery pack. Button arrangements change on each pack, but the utility doesn’t.

Some of their packs also have cables attached, which make them easy winners for those grab-and-go adventures. The cords also tuck away neatly, ringing back that stealthy aesthetic we like so much. Each pack is also lighter than you’d think, and feels weightless in a bag.

The Energi 2K is the simplest model on offer, with nothing but a single input and a solitary output. At 2,000mAh, it does an adequate job of doubling your battery life on the go. The case is simply too svelte to have a cable built in, so you’ll have to take one with you, but that’s a small concession to make.

The Energi 3K and 3K+ are both 3,000mAh packs, and each has a micro USB cable built right in. For the Android user, this will double just about any battery, even the behemoth on the LG G3 (which already has stellar battery life, but still). If you’re OS agnsotic, the Energi 3K+ substitutes the micro USB for a Lightning cable. Both have a USB input, so if you need to charge more than one device, you just need to tote a cable along.

The Energi 5K and 5K+ bump the battery size up to — you guessed it — 5,000mAh. The difference with those two is that when you opt for the 5K+, you get the Lighting cable in addition to the micro USB attachment, so powering multiple devices is a snap. Again, an exrta input will let you charge an additional device, so powering up to three is optional here.

Each battery pack pushed juice to our devices quickly, with the 2K having a 1 amp circuit, the 3K a 2 amp, and the 5K a 3 amp. Each pack has an output voltage of 4.75-5.25, making it ideal for just about any mobile device you might have.

Charging the various packs takes about the same time it would take to power up a smartphone battery of a similar size, with the 5K topping out at around 6 hours. The 2K took about 1.5 hours, and the 3K took roughly 3.5-4.



If you need a solid, reliable battery pack — TYLT has you covered. Each of their offerings is a stylish, powerful pack ready to keep you up and running all day long. An extra input on the 3K and 5K packs gives you flexibility for multiple devices.