Who’s getting ready for Halloween? If you’re one of the die hard fans of Android then you’ve probably seen or purchased a few of the extremely popular Dyzplastic Android Mini Collectibles. They’ve launched a few collectible series and always manage to sell out in a matter of minutes. Just in time for Halloween they are teasing us with their new limited edition “Werewolf” Mini.

If you’re like us, and many of our friends (Rick) you probably have every Android Mini collectible released by Dyzplastic and certainly will want this new model. It’s a Halloween edition, Werewolf style, and also rocks a sports jersey #12. This will be joining our collection here at Android Community soon, that’s for sure.

The folks from Dyzplastic are having fun at Twilight’s expense stating this limited edition is how Werewolves should be, “back when vampires didn’t sparkle and werewolves played basketball!” These little collectibles always manage to sell out within a matter of minutes so you’ll certainly want to be ready and waiting for when they go on sale.

When do they become available you ask? You won’t have to miss out on any Halloween activities and candy eating as they’ll be selling their newest family member a day early, on the Devil’s Day. You can get the limited edition Halloween collectible on October 30th at 11PM (EDT), and again on Halloween morning (the 31st) at 11AM (EDT) right from DeadZebra.com as usual. Enjoy and have a safe Halloween!