You’ll never go wrong with playing a mobile version of a game from your past. If you used to play this game by Campcom from 18 years ago, you’d probably feel the excitement you used to feel when you were just starting with your geeky gamer journey. The game which was also ported to the Sega Dreamcast is now back as an Android game. Even if you’re not familiar with Gunbird, you will find being attracted to the interesting story filled with unique characters flying all over the world.

The arcade game features flying characters that need to go through different stage formats. You only need to choose one character but you can still get a flying partner so you’ll be faster and more powerful. You need to carefully choose which one you will use—one that can make a lethal move and one that is powerful enough to finish all levels and finally beat the giant boss. Master the on-screen controls to move characters, fire a close or long distance attack, or block the bullet shot by enemy by using a bomb.

If you’re up for some nostalgia then this GunBird II is for you. Make sure you try this over the weekend and remember the days of your youth.

Download GunBird 2 from the Google Play Store


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