Some fairytales would have the prince wake up the princess to save the kingdom or to defeat the wizard in order to wake up the whole land under a sleeping curse. Then there are those where the hero just has to keep the sleepwalkers sleeping but bring them to safety while evil forces abound. This is basically what you have to do with the new Android game from developer Digital Fairytales, and it’s called, well, Sleepwalkers.

For some reason, the people in the kingdom are sleepwalking all over the place, and they have no idea of the dangers that surround them (well, because they are sleepwalking after all). Your duty now is to deliver them safely to their own beds, all the while avoiding monsters and other hazards and obstacles along the way. The physics-based puzzle game starts off easily enough but as it progresses, more and more obstacles are thrown in your way, so don’t think leading sleepwalkers is as easy as it sounds.

You need to move, push and drop the things that you see along the way, either using the accelerometer or touch controls to move your sleepwalker, as you travel from room to room and from one town to another. You also get a surprise gift for each day that you play the game, although what that gift is, we don’t know yet. And if you want to compete with your friends on Facebook, you can also do so with the game’s score tracker.

And if you use various devices, you can save your progress so you can continue playing where you left off even if you transfer from your smartphone to your tablet. You can download Sleepwalkers from the Google Play Store for free, but with in-app purchases available.