Cryptographically secure phones has been around for quite sometime now but the use of such devices are highly underutilized due to their high cost and low user support. Android is now being used by Guardian Project in an effort to bring these types of devices to the masses. Android-compatible handset will be updated with new firmware release that would add an anonymous browser, encrypted email, secure voice calls and secure data sync, along with various other security related things.

To accomplish this there will be many alterations made to Android, certain hardware drivers will be removed, kernel tweaks. Also, runtime and virtual machine to prevent snooping will be added, strengthening the application framework, and updating existing apps with more security. There will be no noticeable actions that the user will notice, their mobile experience will continue on as usual. Tor has been ported to Android, and the Guardian Project is looking for more developers to help further production in their security plans.


[via slashgear]