Here’s a not so new Grand Theft Auto game for all the fans out there. The ‘GTA: Liberty City Stories’ is the latest from Rockstar Games but we hope it won’t receive as many issues and negative reviews or be pulled out suddenly from the Play Store just like some of the previous Grand Theft Auto titles. Well, it’s from Rockstar Games so expect to hear both good news and bad news about the series.

GTA: Liberty City Stories is now available on Android. What changed here is that missions are shorter and more streamlined now but still the same fun, crazy, open-world adventure mobile game. Help Toni Cipriani put the city in control. Everywhere there is chaos and crime. From union strikes to drug trafficking, you’ll have to deal with a number of problems and face all kinds of men. They will all try to put you in between of criminals, drug traffickers, hopeless business tycoons, and politicians.

Don’t be surprised if you see Toni’s mother from time to time because even she is a cause of your headache. But what can you do, you were known to kill a man before going into hiding. Now, that you’re back in the city, it’s not that easy. Just try not to go between the warring families if you want to survive and still see the light of day.

GTA: Liberty City Stories showcases new character art, high resolution textures, real time lighting and shadows, rebalanced controls for touch-based gaming, and enhanced draw distance. Support for a physical controller has been added as well which means you can play this on your Android TV. You can now also save the game in a cross-platform cloud so you can play on other devices and start from where you’ve left off anytime.

Download GTA: Liberty City Stories from the Google Play Store. Game costs $3.99 with a 40% discount.