If you’re a nature love, you’ll love this new puzzle game by developer Joel McDonald. Watching the trailer and viewing the images alone evoke a lot of emotions. ‘Prune’ is about the beauty of nature. There is joy in seeing your tree grow, giving life to other creations. What you have in your hand is actually a digital plant–your very own to take care of.

No green thumb? No problem because Prune allows you to be a tree grower at least in the digital world. To make sure your tree grows perfectly, try to avoid whatever dangers the world has to offer. Your tree is the only hope of a forgotten landscape to have life, are you ready to take on that kind of challenge?

Beneath the unused soil, there’s a story you need to discover. You won’t be stressed playing this puzzle game. In fact, it’s relaxing and meditative thanks to the enchanting background music. The graphics are zen-like and minimalist–not a sight for sore eyes. The only thing you need to worry about is that you might fall asleep while playing Prune. But you know, the game is just beautiful you’ll only be too transfixed to notice you’ve been playing for hours.

Game is free to download and no in-app purchases are offered.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=royalslider=”1″ sfq7xXQlNOI

Download Prune from the Google Play Store