It has been some time since the v4.0 GroupMe update, but there is a bit of good news for current users — GroupMe v5.0 is now available in the Play Store. There is a long list of changes and improvements this time around, but perhaps the key here is the promise about how this “new version is faster” and about how it has arrived with “significantly improved battery efficiency and notification reliability.”

There is also support for GIFs. The changelog mentions how you can now search for and send GIFs (as well as images and videos). Keeping with the GIF related aspect of this update and there is more good news for those into the meme-scene. GroupMe v5.0 allows users to re-meme images sent by others.

Other highlights from the v5.0 update include the following;

  • INLINE CONTENT Thumbnail views of content shared via URLs
  • CLEARING HISTORY Clear history in group chats & direct messages
  • CONTACTS Explore your contacts who are using the app to send them a direct message

The app has also been localized in 20 languages and gotten some bug fixes. The folks at GroupMe mentioned the bug fixes as being; reliable notifications, emoji download on all devices, pictures won’t get stuck to messages, image loading is more stable, and vibration setting is respected.

The GroupMe app can be found using this Google Play Store link.

SOURCE: GroupMe Blog