Grooveshark, the music streaming service just released a major update to its Android application. Grooveshark fixed some of the technical difficulties it had in the past, and added several new enhancements for the music streaming application. Some of the added features include listening to playlists created by friends, stations based on genres, saving playlists as a station, and sync playlists. The app also supports a pausing session so it can resume at a later point and maintain song queues.

Grooveshark has taken it upon themselves to correct on of the biggest flaws we found in its app: frequent inaccessibility to songs in its library unless accessed through WiFi. Grooveshark has corrected this flaw and now, there are WiFI songs available over mobile networks for your enjoyment. We like where Grooveshark is going and we’re happy to see them keeping up-to-date in the Android era. Good work guys!

[via Androinica]


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