There just times when a handheld selfie wouldn’t do, because you want to capture most of the environment but you either need someone to take the picture for you – that or an additional, elastic hand. Given that you probably won’t have selfie superpowers in the near future, Joby’s Griptight ONE flexible tripod seems to be the next best thing.

The Griptight ONE is at once a miniature tripod and a selfie addict’s dream – its flexible legs able to hold on to overhanging posts and tree branches to give you that selfie edge and picture angles not even dreamed possible by the best handheld selfie experts out there. The tripod is called the GorillaPod Stand, with flexible legs and rubber foot grips that allows it to grapple secure to a wide variety of objects and all types of surfaces.

There’s also a mount that fits all conventional smartphones and also is universally usable for other tripods. If you want to spend a little more, the Griptight ONE Magnetic Impulse has neodymium magnetic feet that will attach to most metal surfaces. This more expensive kit also includes a Bluetooth remote shutter button that is usable as far as 90 feet away.

The Griptight ONE basic kit (mount + stand) is available for USD$40.00, while the magnetic kit plus remote is available for USD$60.00. This should be available in your nearest retail shops very soon.