Have you ever gone on a vacation on your own, was too embarrassed to ask strangers to take your pictures and so ended up with crappy selfie shots? Or are you tired of taking actual selfies with your friends because people are starting to call you the selfie queen? A new product is trying to solve all of the world’s selfie-related problems by creating something that we’ve probably thought of but never thought of actually creating: a magnetic monopod.

Monopods have been a very popular mobile phone accessory the past few months since the advent of the selfie culture. But GripSnap is a bit different as it is a portable but magnetic monopod that will supposedly stick to any metallic object like a lamppost, a fire hydrant, a street sign and even a car. As long as you have something metallic around you, then all you need to do is screw on your mobile device, stick it to the metal object and voila, strike a pose.

But wait, how will you be able to control the camera from afar. As with a lot of problems nowadays, the answer is simple: there’s an app for that. GripSnap can work with any camera timer apps like Camera+, CamMe, TimerCam, etc. There are even some that are voice and sound activated, like vapp, where all you need to do is clap your hands for the smartphone to take your picture (Of course, sometimes you’d look a bit silly doing it, but hey, it’s for a nice picture!)

GripSnap works not just with mobile phones, but also with small point and shoot cameras and GoPros. So if you think this is something you can get behind (or, in front of) , then you still have 40 days to support this Kickstarter project. They’ve already gotten 60% of their target $16,000 and are planning to start shipping by fall.


SOURCE: Kickstarter