If you’re old enough to remember the good old days of block-breaking games like Arkanoid, Breakout, etc, then you’ve probably been wishing for them to make a comeback. The developers of the new game Grey Cubes say they’ve created the modern version of the classic arcade favorite, bringing together the same simple gameplay we’re familiar with, but with a three-dimensional feel and graphics.

All the elements of brick-breaking games that we love are here, like multi-balls and exploding balls to help you break as many bricks as you can. But of course there are new additions to the gameplay, like 3D graphics, multi-layer brick patterns, and even actual physics-based moves that would impact the game. This definitely doesn’t look like the Arkanoid (or whatever your favorite was) you grew up with.

The game has 60 “highly diversified” levels that will keep you entertained and challenged at the same time. Also, unlike your game consoles before where you had to have great hand-eye coordination and more fingers to use, this time around, you have simpler one-touch controls. It also has a futuristic ambiance, a minimalistic feel and a monochrome theme, in keeping with the trend among arcade and puzzle games nowadays.


Grey Cubes is available to download for free from the Google Play Store. There are in-app purchases available so if someone else will be playing this game on your smartphone, better make sure you have the settings fixed to avoid unwanted charges on your credit card.