As if one Android gaming controller today wasn’t enough, Green Throttle Games has revealed its new Atlas controller. Like the other Android controllers before it, the Atlas looks to solve the problem of touchscreen controls in mobile gaming, but there are a few little quirks that make the Atlas stand out. For one, Green Throttle Games is actually making some first-party titles that will be compatible with the Atlas, so there will be at least a few Atlas-enhanced games ready to go from the start.

The Atlas connects to your phone through Bluetooth, but it’s only compatible with handsets that support HDMI out through mobile high-definition link or microHDMI. That’s because you’ll be hooking your phone up to your TV to use the Atlas, and that might prove to be something of an issue for some mobile users. In any case, the video that has been put together by Green Throttle suggests that the company wants to turn your phone into all the gaming console you’ll ever need, and you can check it out below.

Green Throttle has some pretty big names attached to it too, including CEO and co-founder Charles Huang, who was one of the co-founders of Red Octane – the company the brought us Guitar Hero. The Atlas isn’t available commercially yet, but developers can pre-order their own controller from Green Throttle’s website to begin developing Atlas-supported apps to have ready at launch. The Atlas sports a pre-order price of $44.95, which is about the going rate for gaming controllers these days.

The Atlas doesn’t have a firm release date yet, though developer kit pre-orders will begin shipping on December 12. We’re interested to see where the Atlas goes, but there are already so many Android gaming controllers on the market that Green Throttle might have a difficult time sticking out from the crowd. What do you think? Will the Atlas be a success when it launches?


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