We all love the live wallpapers on our Android phones right? They allow us to do cool things like fly through space, play duck hunt, or even float through the clouds right on our phones home screen. Today I have something really unique and quite fun to show you. It’s called Gravity Home and it is a live wallpaper and a home replacement launcher like ADW or LP but at the same time. Yup it replaces the home launcher with a live wallpaper and adds in some physics that makes your icons float around, neat huh?

You can even get live wallpapers of Mario running through levels and worlds all by himself from the Nintendo days, but this is completely different. Being able to interact with the LWP like this is completely unique and really weird to say the least. The developers mention they will be updating this as fast as they can and more features are coming. For now you can choose to limit icons to one screen or all of them, and the only background color is black but they are working to fix that.

For more information check out the developers thread over at XDA by clicking here. I think if I didn’t have OCD I’d probably use this, but I love knowing exactly where all my icons are for fast navigation but someone less neaty should love this LWP+Launcher in one. It is available in the Android Market and is called Gravity Home.

[via XDA-Developers]