Grammarly has been a pretty helpful tool for those who write a lot on their laptop or desktops. It helps catch typos or grammar mistakes before you send or post anything. Since a lot of people now carry over their work and other things to their mobile devices, it’s probably helpful to have a tool like that on their smartphone or tablet as well. That’s why the announcement of a Grammarly virtual keyboard was met with excitement, and now, it has finally made its way for Android devices as well.

Typing on your phone’s keyboard can sometimes be awkward and more prone to mistakes and so having a virtual keyboard to guide you before you send anything is pretty helpful. Whenever you use it, it will check things like your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and even vocabulary enhancements (well if you’re on Grammarly Premium). It won’t automatically correct what you’re writing, but you’ll see the suggestions at the top of your keyboard and you just have to tap on it to accept it.

You can also set it up to use either American English or British English rules, since as we know, some of these rules are quite different. You can also add words that you use often but are not “cannon” to your personal dictionary so that it won’t be flagged by the checker anymore.

You can download the Grammarly keyboard from the Google Play Store for free. For now, it doesn’t support glide input yet, but they said they’re working on it. You can also subscribe to Grammarly Premium if you need a more intense writing guide but it will cost you around $30 per month.

SOURCE: Grammarly