Android App Developer Elite Gudz has released an app that turns Android headsets into a work of urban art. Having reached #1 in Entertainment and Free Apps at the iTunes App store, the app, dubbed Graffiti Spray Can, allows for creating virtual graffiti art with realistic shake animations and rattle sounds, spray skins and colors and touch screen spray action. Users can create high definition backgrounds and then upload them to Facebook, Twitter, and eMail. Graffiti Spray Can by real graffiti artists including New York artist Phetus, who has been working in the street art movement since the beginning.

Another app from Elite Gudz called Goons & Bots, is a clever animated alarm clock which displayed an animated “goon” during daytime and a robot at night. It offers original built-in musical alarms and can incorporate music and sounds from an individual’s iTunes music library. Users can set multiple alarms for appointments throughout the day, create push notifications when the app is clsoed, and even share alarms via Twitter, Facebook and email. There’s also a “snooze” function.

Both apps are now available in the Android Market.

Elite Gudz Releases Graffiti Spray Can, Goons & Bots Clock on Android

1 MARCH 2011 – NEW YORK, NY – Today Elite Gudz announced the immediate availability of their top downloaded Graffiti Spray Can and Goons & Bots Clock applications on the Android Market. Graffiti Spray Can and Goons and Bots Clock are Elite Gudz’ first apps to be released on Android.

Graffiti Spray Can is a fun, free, easy to use graffiti painting program. Within days of its initial launch on iTunes, the app reached #1 in Entertainment and Free Apps. To date, Graffiti Spray Can has had over 4 million total downloads. It is the only graffiti painting application developed by true graffiti writers who have been working since the beginning of the art movement and are still active today.

Goons & Bots Clock is a designer utility application that can be used as an alarm, clock, or displayed in a charging dock to turn your mobile device into a piece of art. The app features original characters created by New York graffiti artist Phetus, who also helped develop the Graffiti Spray Can app.

Graffiti Spray Can features:

*Realistic Shake Animations and Rattle Sounds
*Multiple Spray Can Skins and Colors
*Touch-Screen Spray Action
*HD Backgrounds and
*Save or share your creations through Facebook, Twitter or Email
*Frequent updates including new backgrounds, colors and can skins

Goons & Bots Clock features:

* Animated Daytime Goon & Nighttime Bot * Original Built-in Musical Alarms * Use Music & Sounds from your iTunes library
* Multiple Alarms for setting appointments throughout the day * Alarm Push Notifications notify you even when the app is closed * Snooze * Share with Twitter, Facebook and Email

“We’re proud to bring Graffiti Spray Can to the Android Market. It was because of this app’s success that we began to focus on app and game development.” says Elite Gudz’ Brian Ferrara. “Goons & Bots Clock is important to us as well, as it is our first to combine art and utility in a designer application.” Recently at Toy Fair 2011, Elite Gudz exhibited its line of mobile and tablet docks that combine the creative content of the application with accessories for the mobile device.

Graffiti Spray Can is free and available for Android and iOS devices at

Goons & Bots Clock is free and available for Android and iOS devices at at

About Elite Gudz
Elite Gudz is a creative studio founded by artists and creators from the worlds of Graffiti, Comics, Designer Toys and Technology. Their first Mobile Application, Graffiti Spray Can, climbed to the #1 spot in Entertainment and Free apps around the world within days of its release. The success of Graffiti Spray Can created a focus on app and game development for the studio. Elite Gudz has since become leaders in bridging creative content for mobile, tablet and consoles with designer platform productization and new media for mass markets.

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