Hiking. Camping. Going out of town. Gone are the days when you can just leave your mobile phone while doing any of these activities. Even if you don’t have data connection in the area you’re going to, you still need to have your smartphone with you, whether it’s for productivity or even just simple messaging. A new device called goTenna wants to make sure you can at least have messaging capability wherever you are.

With the power of Bluetooth Low Energy, a pair of goTenna devices, as well as the goTenna app itself is all you need to be able to let other people know where you are exactly. It can also share your GPS location with others, just in case there’s a possibility you get lost along the trail or the mountain. The catch is that goTenna will work if your phone is within 20 feet of the device, that’s why you need another one. As long as the two goTenna’s can talk to each other, then you’re in business.

The other thing is that the people who can receive and send your messages need to have their own goTEnna as well, and they need to be within range, which is up to 50.5 miles as per their instruction. They also recommend that to strengthen and increase the range of connection, you can go to higher ground or attach it outside your backpack and not inside. They have an interactive module on their website so you can see how far those 50 miles gets you.

The device is still not available in the retail market, but you can already pre-order it on their website for $149.99, which is 50% off the retail price. They estimate shipping to begin by this fall.

VIA: SlashGear



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