GoPro has just introduced new services and products that deliver more efficient solution to capturing and editing content. The name is popular for its HERO line of cameras that has proven to become one of the best outdoor cameras ideal for the adventurous and outdoor enthusiasts. A new HERO5 camera has just be announced together with a drone called Karma and a cloud-based software.

These products and services are expected to help people record, make, and share stories in more creative ways. The HERO5 can upload photos and videos to a GoPro Plus account automatically. This way, you can freely and continuously take as many photos, edit them on-the-go, and quickly share them to other people.

The new HERO5 cameras include the HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session. These two are cloud-connected, powerful, and easy-to-use. Other specs include a 2-inch touch display, simple one-button control, 12MP sensor, voice control, 4K video resolution at 30fps, advanced wind noise reduction, stereo audio recording, electronic video stabilization, wide-angle lens, and linear-view setting.

The HERO5 Black is listed with a $399.99 price tag while the HERO5 Session is more affordable at $299. It has almost the same features but with only a 10MP sensor.


Karma is a new drone that’s ideal for those who want to start venturing into aerial photography. It’s professional-grade already, good enough with its image stabilization feature and compact design. You can hold it or mount to a vehicle or any gear. It’s small and comes in a backpack that’s portable and comfortable to use during any activity. It also comes with a game controller that boasts of a touch display so you can control the drone directly without the need of another mobile device. There’s the 3-axis camera stabilizer that can be used with a Karma grip for a smoother footage.

Karma will be offered for $799.99. Bundled with a HERO5 Black, it will be $1099.99. With a HERO5 Session, it will be $999.99 beginning October 23.

Meanwhile, the GoPro Plus is a software that is based on cloud. It is where you can save all your photos and videos by auto-uploading your files to your GoPro Plus account. It requires a subscription so you can fully enjoy the benefits like premium support, access to a large library of music soundtracks for editing, 20% off discount for mounts and accessories at, and exclusive access to GoPro apparel. This can also be used with older GoPro products as long as you have a GoPro Plus account. Monthly fee is $4.99. You can try the service for one whole month for free beginning October 2.