GoPro App Update

Our last feature was the GoPro Fusion working with select Android mobile devices back in January last year. Today, we’re learning about the GoPro app update. This one sounds major because it now comes with a new user interface and new software engine. The company has been working on several updates that may improve content editing and camera control features. The Quik video editing app has also been integrated inside so we can expect easier and faster editing of videos.

GoPro app’s new software engine joins a visual refresh that brings intuitive navigation. The QuikStory multi-clip workflow is made easier as it can automatically include videos or photos recorded recently. The app searches for those ‘meaningful moments’ so they can be used in the video you’re making.

For a much cooler output, GoPro features over 20 filters. Multiple filters can be used in a multi-clip video. You won’t have to worry about draft limitations as with the older GoPro app. Editing is easier as you can easily access the videos as long as on an editable format.

The goal is to make the GoPro app as a full editing suite. It’s not impossible as smartphones become smarter and faster each year. Maybe one day, you won’t have to use a computer because the smartphone is enough.

Combining GoPro and Quik apps make for a very useful and impressive mobile editing experience. You can download the GoPro app from the Google Play Store.

You see, editing doesn’t need to be complicated. Quik has always been an effective and easy video editor. And now with GoPro powers, you can create powerful stories straight from your phone. There are several improved editing capabilities like the 4:3 aspect ratio or the mix-n-match filters.

GoPro PLUS users can enjoy saving their stories to the cloud. They’re saved automatically so you won’t have to worry about losing any file. Organizing media is now easier by offloading or creation date to sort them.