Google’s new Music endeavor is certainly exciting, and not just because it’s yet another digital music store. Google is the first company to offer a free preview of your purchased music to your contacts on Google+. Your friends can listen to one full play of any song or album you purchase.

All this is in addition to the considerable social features built in to Google Music, by way of Google+. You can recommend songs or albums to individual friends or Circles, who can see an instant link to the relevent music on the Android Market or the Google Music web site. Naturally all your music is instantly added to your personal digital locker, available for unlimited downloads or pins at any time.

This functionality should be showing up in the brand new Google Music app, as well as the web versions of Google Music and Google+. You can purchase music with the same credit card that’s attached to your Android Market account, and T-Mobile customers will be able to add music to their phone bills soon.