Google really knows everything. Okay, that sounds creepy but the search giant has a new app that will make you feel safe because your family and friends and can know your whereabouts during an emergency. The company recently rolled out Trusted Contacts as a safety app that offers a direct way for two parties to connect and contact each other. This will be useful for family members and friends who need to be in contact always—say, parents who want to know if their children are safe.

The safety app will be more than useful in emergency situations because it lets one party know where the other person is exactly in real time. The idea is the app will share a person’s location and let his “trusted contacts” know about it. The contacts can see your activity and let them know if you are safe. Emergencies happen and this app will help others know if you’re okay or not.

Feel free to assign your trusted contacts. They may be your family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers. You can let them know of your status and location so they will see where you are. A trusted contact can also request to see your location, you may deny the request but the app can still share your location if you do not respond for some time. You can always choose to stop sharing information but be ready for the consequences. It’s better to be safe than sorry so let these trusted contacts know your location.

The Trusted Contacts app also works when offline so you have no reason not to find and connect with the person.

Download Trusted Contacts from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: The Keyword