Want to work for Google? Want something better to do this warm summer season instead of wasting away hours playing Xbox or mowing lawns to earn extra cash? Google has released details on their Summer of Code 2012. A initiative to give college students a seasonal, summer long part time job making money by coding for various different Google open source projects. Sounds like fun right? Read below for all the information.

Obviously this gives you a look into the real world of open source coding on a career level, and gives students tons of experience that can help them land a job in the future — possibly even at Google. The Summer of Code is extremely competitive and they only have a limited number of spots. They have over 180 open source projects that will be open to the part time coders too.

Look over the 180 projects linked to above and if any catch your eye you’ll want to head to the sign up page and register for the project(s) you are interested in. Registration for the Summer of Code was opened today, and ends April 6th so you better hurry and decide what you’re doing with your summer.

Again each person accepted will have a 3-month summer long coding job where they will be paired with a mentor and enjoy a fun and competitive coding atmosphere all summer long. More details are available from the official Google Blog, and Google will have a Hangout with more details on the project so be sure and circle Google Students over on G+.

Have fun and get to coding!

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