Normally, you probably use your Google Search on your phone to look for answers when you’re exchanging trivia with friends or to remember that particular information that you kind of forgot at the moment. It then leads to another search and then another When you want to go back to that particular search query later on, you’ll have to do it all over again. But now the Search Activity Cards will help you pick up where you left off and let you even save those searches for later reference.

If you used your Google mobile app to search for something and you searched it again later on, you will see a card where you’ll find the things you searched for, the links that you visited because of that search, as well as other searches that you made that are related to the original query. From the card, you can easily just click on the result that you wanted to get back to and then add even more released searches.

You can also mark pages that you want to read or referent later on. Long press on the link and add the item to a collection. If you want to look at your collection later on, just tap on the menu on the top left of the search page or on the bottom bar of your Google mobile app. This can also now serve as your “read later” section when you have the time to actually read the links.

In order for these things to work you of course need to sign in to your Google account. However these new search activity cards is only available in English and in the US for now. You can also control what appears in your activity card by tapping on the 3-dot icon. Hopefully, they’ll be able to roll it out to a wider audience soon.

SOURCE: Google