Google‘s own Eric Schmidt is in the news this week after saying a few comments regarding the highly publicized and ongoing patent wars and lawsuits between Apple and Android manufacturers. In a sit down with the Wall Street Journal the once Google CEO talked about lawsuits, Apple, and of course all their Android partners. Read on below to see what he had to say regarding the children of Android.

While there was a lot discussed, some of the more interesting and important comments came out regarding Apple’s lawsuits and patent wars on just about everyone but Google. Schmidt was quoted saying “Apple is doing fine,” and “Google is doing fine,” but to think of the children of Android. Basically meaning the start-ups that can’t compete, or companies like HTC that have been sued to the teeth by Apple in the past.

Schmidt went as far as to say the two companies are “rival countries” in a way rather than just teenagers that don’t like each other. They know they have issues but have to conduct themselves in an adult matter almost like two nations or countries. It’s here where he then went on to mention, “It’s extremely curious that Apple has chosen to sue Google’s partners and not Google itself.”

That comment alone sort of piqued our interest. It’s almost as if he’s hinting at something, or challenging Apple, or maybe just stating a fact. In the end they still work together and hopefully can continue to be play nice. We’ve heard reports of Google and Apple Execs sitting down to have settlement talks in the past, but at this point anything’s possible. The entire interview is worth a read so hit the WSJ link above.

[via SlashGear]