The rumor mill is churning out as much details as possible about the upcoming hardware from Google that will integrate voice assisted technology as well. The project is supposedly codenamed “Chirp” from the inside, and many believe it will be introduced next week at the I/O developer conference, although availability would be later this year. It will supposedly compete with the likes of Amazon Echo and its Alexa voice assistant, leveraging on its prowess as a search engine machine.

The device will actually look something like Google’s OnHub wireless router which was launched just last summer. It is expected that it will have voice search and intelligent personal assistance. Of course voice assistance tech isn’t new to the company as it has had the “Okay Google” prompt for some years now. But it hasn’t had anything that is baked into a home device, and so “Chirp” may very well be their foray into the market.

At the I/O conference next week, it is expected that this product will be introduced to participants and they will be showing off what it will be able to do. It will also give a chance of developers to see how they can use this product for their own app or service. The more 3rd-party services they can bring in, the more attractive it will probably be for those looking for a home-based voice assistant technology device.

The potential for a product like this is huge, provide they provide the correct features and services that will entire people to get their own home-based device. We can’t wait till it becomes available to the rest of the world later this year.

VIA: ReCode