Google annonced their Q1 2014 earnings today, which brought mixed results. While the company is positive in every category versus last year, they fell short of earnings expectations. That’s caused their stock to tumble a bit in after hours trading.

Total revenue was up 19% to $15.42 billion, which rounds out to $12.19 billion after they pay partners. analysts expected total revenue to hit $15.54 billion and earnings per share to hit a bump of $6.41 — an 11% increase. The per share hike was only $6.27.

Google sites (Gmail, Search, etc.) generated $10.47 billion, a 21% uptik that accounts for 68% of revenue. Partner sites generated $3.4 billion. Other revenues were $1.55 billion, which represents a 48% uptick over last year. Google CFO Patrick Pichette says that uptick was mostly due to revenue from Google Play.

Pichette also said Chromecast sales were “strong”, but didn’t provide further details. Of special interest is that next quarter, Google will be breaking each property out into their own line items, so we’ll get an idea of which products make money, and which may be dogs on the books.

Source: Google


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