It’s that time of year again folks. While we have all been busy with Taxes the guys at Google have just released their Q1 earnings report for 2013 – and they had a biggie. It looks like things are following along with the end of 2012, and Google’s reporting some very solid numbers and a strong start to this year. With more than $14 billion in revenue things are looking good.

While the report is still going on and we’re waiting for tasty tidbits from the Q and A session, we’ll share a few numbers with you that will only leave you with two feelings. That being excitement about Android and Google’s future, and depressed because you can’t have some. Google’s CEO Larry Page had this to say:

“We had a very strong start to 2013, with $14.0 billion in revenue, up 31% year-on-year.” Then Page went on to state “We are working hard and investing in our products that aim to improve billions of people’s lives all around the world.”

So while that is just a quick summed up comment, it basically wraps up what most of you probably wanted to know regarding these boring yet somewhat amusing earning reports. Their revenue was pretty high and compared to the first 3 months of 2012 they’ve increased 31%. That’s a pretty big improvement that I’m sure all can be happy about. Here’s the important stuff.

– $14 billion in revenue
– Up 31% year-over-year for first 3 months
– Cash on hand and cash equivalents add up to roughly $50.1 billion
– Motorola Mobility is improving with revenue hitting $1.02 billion
– Motorola still had an operating loss of $271 million
– 53,891 full-time employees worldwide

It looks like Google is on track to have another awesome year, to say the least. With Eric Schmidt announcing earlier this week over 1.5 million Android devices are activated daily things will only continue to improve. As the earnings call continues we’ll look for any and all comments related to Android and update accordingly.

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