Google’s Project Tango has become the subject of the latest iFixit teardown. We like seeing these teardowns as they generally offer a view that most users will never get to see — the inner guts. But in the case of Project Tango that is especially true as this is a prototype device. Or in other words, a device many will never see in the wild at all.

Still, even with that, the Project Tango teardown followed the same pattern and was assigned a repairability score of 9 out of 10. But while that score may have been on the higher side, this teardown did come with some challenges for the iFixit crew. It seems Google did not want them to power on the device.


Needless to say, a bit of hacking and they were able to power up the IR projector that displayed “shiny dots on the photo room wall.” More interesting here was the result — those dots show that the Tango works similar to the original Microsoft Kinect.

“The bright grid of dots shows that Tango works similarly to the original Microsoft Kinect, with a grid of dots to be captured by the IR sensors of the 4 MP camera, building a depth map.”

Other highlights in terms of hardware show the Tango with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (8974) processor and SanDisk memory. There is also the “depth-sensing array” which includes an infrared projector, 4 megapixel rear-facing RGB/IR camera and 180 degree field of view fisheye rear-facing camera.

Anyway, as always, we encourage a click of the link below if for no other reason than to see the full set of images. The Story Timeline sitting below also offers links to some of the other recent iFixit teardowns.

SOURCE: iFixit