Google has just announced their Project Tango 3D imaging smartphone will get a big brother. Moving from experiment to development kit, the Project Tango tablet will be available to a select audience later this year. A sign-up page for the device is active, but it’s likely not one you’ll want to try and snap up.

This isn’t a low cost Nexus device; the Project Tango tablet will run you right around $1,000. A development kit, it’s not meant for those of us who just want a fun tablet. The scope of Project Tango also doesn’t lend itself to playing Candy Crush Saga all day long — this one’s for heady Developers who want to build next generation applications.

The Project Tango tablet will run NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor, and house 4GB RAM. There are a ton fo sensors on board, as you might imagine. Cameras also serve to record and understand our environment, with a 120-degree front facing cam complimenting three cameras on the rear: a 4MP finder, motion sensor, and dedicated depth sensor.

The device will have a 7-inch screen, and pack a massive (but probably necessary) 128GB Memory. Running KitKat, the tablet will also utilize OpenGL 4.4. Bluetooth LE, LTE connectivity, and WiFi round out the spec sheet. Though likely not one you’ll want to purchase, it does signal at bigger things to come from Google.

Source: NVIDIA, Google