Happy Birthday Google Play Store! Get out the candles and cake, the Google Play Store has just turned 1 years old. Well maybe tomorrow it will at least. As a reminder, the Android Market has been around forever but it has been 1 year since they replaced it with what we know and love today as the Play Store. In celebration Google has plenty of deals and gifts for us, and they’ll be available and changing all week.

Who is ready for tons of deals, exclusive offers, and discounts on all of our favorite apps and games? When these Google sales usually take place other app developers drop their prices too, so we have a feeling this week will offer some excellent deals and discounts. While nothing amazing has appeared yet, we can expect more to arrive all week.

Google’s just begun their 1-year anniversary sale but for the moment the Play Store splash screen only appears to have some songs, and in-app purchases discounted. We’re hoping they go bigger than that, that’s for sure. So far we have special deals on music, movies, books, magazines and TV. Then there’s multiple in-app purchases for special characters, power-ups, and other things not usually available.

There’s deals on hotels, gift cards, and hey we even see Breaking Bad in there – we all know you love that show! I wouldn’t really call all of these deals, and some are things we’ve seen before. That being said, from what we’ve seen from Google in the past this week we can expect some better deals to appear soon. Hopefully tomorrows are a bit better. We’ll make a list tomorrow if random developers start joining in on the fun. Happy Birthday Play Store!

[via Play Store]


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