The “make-over” of Google+ continues as it is introducing a new feature in their social network called Collections. It is where users can create, well, collections, depending on their interest or the things that they want to bookmark, kind of what Pinterest is doing. After introducing the feature last week, Google seems to be rolling out the update to Android users this week, letting early adapters experiment with this new built-in feature.

You can add various items to each of your collections, including photos, links, videos, etc. You can also follow other users’ collections to use as your inspiration. It really is like Pinterest, but with a little bit of blogging thrown in. To get you started on what to add to your collections, Google is also introducing themed channels, where you can find various content, depending on your interests. You can also discover new content from the people that you have already added to your circles, that is if they also start using Collections.

But you’ll probably find more joy in actually creating Collections of your own, adding pictures, videos, links, etc. Those who are your “friends” on G+ can also follow the Collections you’ve been posting. It will give you a chance to create a digital moodboard, or make visual pegs for a project. Or if you just want to keep track of all the great ideas you see for your future wedding, then create a Collections board for that (even if there is no potential bride or groom yet).

Collections was previously available for beta testing only, but now it is slowly rolling out to Android users. You can check it out through Google+ and make sure your app is updated. If it doesn’t show up yet, then it means it hasn’t rolled out to your region yet.

VIA: Droid Life