Google is partnering with publisher HarperCollins and author James Frey to bring Endgame to life. The book series, aimed at young adults, will have help from Google’s Niantic Labs in bringing an augmented reality game with it this October. Taking full advantage of the genre, Google is promising a truly immersive experience, much like they offer with Ingress.

The Endgame augmented reality angle will utilize all aspects of Google’s media muscle. From the aforementioned Ingress-esque style gaming platform to YouTube videos, players will have to solve a series of puzzles to advance the storyline. The game will also tie into Search, Google’s primary function, to get tweens engaged in a more traditional sense. Maps and Social Media — likely Google+ — will round out the experience for players.

With the game, Google also holds the right to six of fifteen eBooks via the Play Store. This is another in a series of good news for Frey, as it seems Fox is interested in turning the books into a movie, and possibly a TV show. For fans of the genre, it’s a lot to take in, but ultimately great news.

It’s also good news for Google, as it gives a tangible partnership to something imagined outside the Niantic walls. Ingress, though wildly popular, is limited in reach. Something on the magnitude of Endgame could be a giant success, and catapult the augmented reality focussed Niantic Labs onto another stratum. We’re also interested to see how Niantic handles a storyline that revolves around battles to the death.