In June, Google announced the Nexus 7, an inexpensive tablet with nice specifications and attractive price tag. A few days later, rumors of the Nexus 10, a larger, more powerful version of the Nexus tablet, emerged. The latest Nexus tablet is rumored to be co-branded with Samsung. Currently, Google is partnered with Asus for the Nexus 7 tablet.

The Nexus 7, which is an attractive option due to its low price tag,  is not much competition for the biggest tablets on the market. The Nexus 10, however, could provide competition to the iPad if the specifications are correct. According to rumors, the Nexus 10 will have a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600, exceeding the iPad’s 2,048 x 1,536 resolution.

The first indication of a Nexus 10 tablet arose when DigiTimes published a piece alleging that an inside source stated Google would produce a 10 inch tablet using touch panels from Wintek and AU Optronics. The rumors of Nexus 10 have been fueled by various indicators, including Google’s push for Android app development that targets larger tablet screens. There has been no official announcement from Google about plans to release a 10 inch tablet, however.

While there’s speculation about price, there’s no indication of what the Nexus 10 might cost, assuming it comes to fruition. Google elected to price the Nexus 7 at a price point that barely breaks even. If the Nexus 10 is priced in a similar manner, combined with high-end specs, it could prove to be a major contender in the tablet market.

[via CNET]


  1. It Could have all the high PPI you want but if they botch the calibration like they did the Nexus 7 then it will still be inferior to the ipad screen wise. You guys have to get over The resolution/PPI fixation. It don;t matter if they screw up the screen itself. Just check out the shootout between the Kindle Fire HD , N7 and the two iPads.

    • Who’s ‘they’ supposed to be? Google aren’t in charge of that sort of thing. I’d say the blame is either with Asus – known for screwing up basic stuff in their devices, might I add – or whatever company manufactured their screens. Don’t forget that Samsung is one of the top HDTV manufacturers – I highly doubt they’ll come out with a sub-par display.

  2. I understand that many here would love to see a high end device like this. But I seriously doubt its going to hurt Apple in any significant way. Specs aren’t going to magically sell more Android tablets. Apps and proper marketing will. Until that happens Android on tablets will never gain the traction they have in phones.

    • what are you talking about ? you do realize that Android tablets have gained over 18% of the market in 6-7 months alone right, in part thanks to the Nexus 7. Android tablets are now sitting at 48% compared to the 52% from the iPad. by the end of 2012 the iPad is going to loose a great deal of the market to Android and Microsoft surface tablets.

      • Don’t get me wrong. I do love Android. But let’s be honest. For all the gains in market share, what’s the end result?

        For every high end Android tab, I see three or four more cheap ones that are crap. How long before people begin to associate cheap, crappy tablets with Android and good quality tabs with the iPad?

        I just wish that Android and Google had jumped into the market earlier. Who wants a market that’s flooded with crap?

        This single tablet from Google won’t turn that ship around by itself, but it will definitely help.

      • People get what they pay for, if they pay for a 100$ cheap tablet, that’s exactly what they are going to get a cheap tablet. Its common sense, you cant compare a 100 dollar Android tablet to a 500 dollar iPad. like how people are comparing 2-3 year old Android phones to the iPhone 4S. Also there are a lot of people around the world that cant afford high end Android tablets and iPad’s. So to them these cheap tablets are great, Android appeals to a greater demographic. If anything Android device have gained a more premium look to consumers, Just look at the Galaxy S3 its matching the iPhone 5 in sales. 2 years ago all you saw on TV was iPhone’s, now it has changed to Android devices, especially on TBS and espn. You never hear about all those cheap devices in news articles, its always about the top high end devices, and right now those top high end devices are matching or surpassing the iPad and iPhone in power and features, so every time we hear this Android device is better then the iPhone in tech articles, that Device is going to make Android look good. Just as we have been hearing about the Nexus 7 lately, even iPhans have bought a Nexus 7 giving them a look into what android is about, who knows they might even buy a Android phone some day.


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