Google’s Play Store briefly listed the Nest thermostat today, quickly pulling it down before anyone had the chance to order. In the wake of Google’s Nest purchase, many expected the device to be sold via Google’s online portal. Did Google just jump the gun, or are they gun shy?


Nest has seen its share of bad press lately, with thermostats failing to work properly. Nest issued a software patch until they fix the issue properly, but they also halted sale of the device. It’s a bit of bad press for Nest, but has nothing to do with the thermostats. A recently filed lawsuit, however, suggests the device should be taken off the market altogether.

We see leaks like this often when Google is about to sell a device via the Play Store, which leads us to speculate roundly on both fronts. A product page for Nest was also found in the device Support section, which was the first indication of the Chromecast. We see Play Store listings pop up in a clandestine fashion shortly before sale, pulled down after a few hours — it’s Google’s form of teasing us.

Given the nature of Nest, and the fact we’re now seeing it listed in various Play Store locations, it could signal that Nest is looking to do little damage control, or it could have been the plan all along. A “coming out” party via the Play Store would be a great idea, and immediately boost sales after some negative press. We’ll hope to see it in the coming week or so, but Google isn’t commenting on the issue, so we have no way to know what’s really going on.

Via: SlashGear