Location. Location. Location. This isn’t just the mantra of real estate agents anymore, but nowadays, it’s what a lot of apps and mobile device features are looking at. Google itself has been experimenting with different ways of integrating location into our digital lives, and now they are introducing a new one. It’s called Nearby and it gives you a heads up on your Android device if there’s a location-based relevant app near you. All you need is to turn on your Bluetooth and Location.

This new feature, which should be available for all Android devices that have Bluetooth and location support, will make it easier for users to discover apps from among the millions available in the Google Play Store. And a lot of those apps are location-based but previously, you’d have no way of knowing that they exist when you’re in an area where it will be most relevant (well, unless you researched about it previously).


So you’ll get such app suggestions like the Notre Dame app to explore historical landmarks if you’re in the University of Notre Dame, or the Mobile Passport app to help you skip the customs line at selected airports, or the United Airlines app so you can enjoy in-flight entertainment. You can even include Google Cast and Android Wear devices so you can set them up by tapping a notification you’ll receive when they’re nearby.

Chromecast Setup V2

Of course not everyone would like to receive such notifications so this is an opt-in thing. Just turn on your Bluetooth and Location, and dismiss notifications if you think it’s not relevant to you.

SOURCE: Google