During the month of February the Google Motorola deal was looking quite promising. The European Union and the US both signed off on the acquisition and gave Google the green light. The only hurdle remains in China and it appears they are having a bit of trouble. Now we are hearing China is continuing another investigation before giving them the okay.

Originally Google expected the deal to be completed within the first quarter of 2012, and in February every other antitrust committee signed off on the deal, but the Chinese are still holding strong. Today reports from MobileWorldLive are stating that now the deal is expected to be completed sometime before the first half of the year, instead of the first quarter.

The Anti-Monopoly Bureau of the People’s Republic of China is said to be doing another probe into the Google Motorola acquisition and we have no details regarding how long this additional investigation will take. Motorola has now sent a filing to the SEC stating that things are taking longer, and like mentioned above they are aiming for sometime before the middle of 2012.

At this point we’ll just have to sit back and wait for the Chinese to conclude their investigation into the deal worth around 12.5 billion dollars. Hopefully once this gets squared away we can start to see the next step for both companies, and Android.