When an app or service that you use gets minor user interface tweaks, you probably do not notice these changes. Or later on, you realize that your life got easier because of these unnoticeable but important things. Google Image Search is undergoing a minor update and when you do realize the changes they’ve made, you’ll appreciate it especially if you do a lot of image searches on your mobile device. This goes well with the badges that they added in a previous update that made it easier to find recipes and products.

If you have the new UI of Google Search, you’ll notice that when you click on an image, you’ll see an X in the top left corner which lets you go back to the search results. It’s similar to tapping the back button but somehow, it makes it easier and more intuitive. You’ll also see better font sizes and spacing so that it’s easier to parse. You also now have a rounded outline for the visit website, sharing, and saving buttons. They’re also now in blue so that it stands out from the other text.

As for the image and video results themselves, there are also some tweaks. The watch button has also been encased in a rounded outline and the play button is in blue. The AMP button, however, cannot be seen in the new UI, so we’re not sure what that really means for the accelerated mobile pages. They may be renaming it to Instant, later on, that’s why it’s not in this build yet.

These changes are not only in the Google app but can also be seen when you search on Chrome. Some may actually see it in the browser first before the update rolls out to the app.

VIA: Android Police