Google has stepped up its accessibility game the past few years and the evolution of artificial intelligence has helped it craft more tools to help those with accessibility issues. The latest tool that they’re now making available for Pixel users in the US is called Lookout and is created specifically for those who are visually impaired. It’s an app that will help you move around unfamiliar areas and also identify the things around you that you may have difficult seeing.

Lookout actually uses the same underlying technology that Google Lens uses to identify objects that you point your camera at. It will tell you about the people, text, objects in the space that you’re mobbing around. The app has three modes to choose from. Explore is for identifying objects that are around you. Shopping helps you read barcodes and currencies. Quick read helps you read the signs and labels around you and even help you sort your mail.

You can hold your device and point it at areas where you need help with. But what they recommend is that you hang your Pixel device on a lanyard around your neck or place it in your shirt front pocket. Just make sure that your phone is pointed forward so your camera and the app can do its work.

Google admits that the app isn’t perfect just yet. The app will take a “best guess” in identifying things around you. They encourage users to send feedback to them in order to improve its functionality. They have a Disability Support Team that will take note of your feedback and suggestions.

SOURCE: Google