Google has released their I/O schedule, and it looks like the angle is better apps and more of them. Though there are some interesting sessions for Developers, we’re getting just about what we’ve expected. Gaming, wearables, and design rule the event, but there are a few gems hidden in the mix as well.

Gaming seems to be a big push, with one session standing out to us. “The Next Five Billion Gamers” is a session described as bringing games to the emerging markets of the world, while “Google Play Games: A Developers Perspective” aims at giving those in attendance insight from big names in the gaming Developer community.

Wearables make their mark at I/O 2014 as well, with several mentions of wearable tech in sessions. A session named “Wearable Computing With Google” aims to get Developers interested in all manner of wearables, while “Designing For Wearables” looks to get great looking apps in the hands of users. “Android Wear: The Developers Perspective” offers insight from a few Googlers on best practices.

There are some oddball sessions as well, like “Your First Look At Polymer”, which has no introduction. “Ignite” is a non-descript slideshow promising “five minute presentations for geeks”. Others don’t offer much in the way of descriptors, but that’s typically because the keynote will give those details.

If you’re interested, the full session schedule is now up on the I/O site. You can attend remotely, or if you’re one of the lucky ones who got a ticket you may want to reserve a room and plan your schedule.

Source: Google I/O