Given the relative success of Samsung’s foldable devices, it’s not surprising to know that Google is working on its own version. In fact, this has been a long-standing rumor and some actually expected them to release or at least announce a Pixel Fold device last 2021. Well obviously that didn’t happen but it doesn’t mean we’re not getting one. A listing for a device codenamed “Pipit” showed up on Geekbench and this may be the long-awaited foldable phone from Google.

MySmartPrice shares that the Geekbench listing is that of the probably Google Pixel foldable phone. It will most likely be under the Pixel brand although currently it’s codenamed Pipit. The listing reveals some of the specifications for the upcoming device. It has an octa-core processor with a 2.7GHz clock speed with a base of 1.8GHz and a Mali G78 GPU. These specs may indicate that the chipset is the newly launched one from Google called Tensor.

The listing also shows that the foldable device will have 12GB RAM so even though it wasn’t indicated there, we’ll probably get either 256GB or 512GB of internal storage. And if it’s released this year, it will most likely come with Android 12 out of the box or more likely Android 12L since Google says large screen devices will get the updated version of the update. There are no other details that we can get from the listing but we can expect more rumors and leaks in the next few months.

When Google didn’t release the foldable smartphone in 2021, there were some reports that they decided to cancel their plans. This was supposedly because they did not believe the product could compete with the other foldable devices being released in the market. But if we can trust this Geekbench listing, then we might still see the Pipit sometime in 2022. Whether we’ll see it ahead of other foldables coming out remains to be seen.

Foldables seem to be the new in thing for smartphones in an industry that hasn’t had a significant innovation the past years. The more good choices we get in the market, the better for consumers so hopefully we’ll indeed get a Pixel foldable phone soon and that it will indeed be good.


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