If your device is constantly running out of space, either because you have too many files or your phone has too little storage, you need not just a microSD card but probably a storage manager app. Google seems to be testing out an unreleased app called Files Go, but it looks like they’re aiming it for the developing market. The app is simple enough and does not require a lot of bandwidth, plus it allows you to transfer files to other users without needing an Internet connection.

Based on the screenshots and the product description, Files Go has two major tabs, Storage and Files. Storage basically shows you how much free space you still have and then suggests things you might want to delete like barely used apps, spam and duplicate images, and suggests you to clear your app caches. These are things you can do manually of course but sometimes you need an app to remind you of it.

The Files section of the app is kind of like a Files Manager. It groups your apps into Images, Video, and Audio and then further categorizes it by source like Camera, Screenshots, Chat App, etc. The other notable feature here is the “Transfer files without Internet” which probably uses Bluetooth since you can only do this “high speed transfer” with friends who are in the vicinity. This can be useful to those who need to give large files to contacts but Internet is super slow.

The early access program for Files Go is currently full so you won’t be able to download it from the Google Play Store. They might open up access over the next few days but since the target audience are those from developing markets, the territories might be restricted. Let’s wait and see how the test turns out.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google


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