Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt decided to make a quick stop in India before making his appearance in Myanmar for a public event. In India, Schmidt’s arrival excited many of the tech start-ups in the country. He made a stop in Bangalore, where he spent 4 hours talking to the employees at Google’s offices there. His talks were also streamed to Google’s employees in Hyderabad.

Schmidt will also be joining a panel in Delhi, hosted by the IT company, Nasscom, titled “Catalysing Tech Start-ups in India”. There, he will join with three start-ups, Mobstac, Ezetap, and Practo, and discuss the mobile revolution and its effect on tech start-ups. The members of the participating start-ups are excited to hear Schmidt’s thoughts and wisdom on how he created such a huge tech empire.

Ravi Pratap, co-founder of Mobstac, stated his excitement on meeting Schmidt, especially praising Schmidt’s creation of AdSense, a system that lets websites post ads on their site in order to generate revenue. Pratap is also excited to hear Schmidt’s “views on opportunities in the mobile space.” Shashank N D, co-founder of Practo, expressed his excitement about learning the “best practices from the Bay Area”.

After India, Schmidt will be visiting Myanmar, where he hopes to tap into Myanmar’s market of 60 million people. Schmidt hopes to obtain one of two foreign licenses being offered by the country that would allow Google to bring internet and (affordable) mobile devices to the country. Only 9% of Myanmar’s population have mobile phones. By 2016, Myanmar hopes to increase that percentage to 80%, and Google would be the best company to do it. If Schmidt is able to obtain the license, Google may potentially be tapping into a billion dollar market.

[via Times of India]


  1. It’s “Burma” not “Myanmar”. Myanmar is a name that was forced on the country by an illegitimate government. Most rational people continue to use Burma to demonstrate that they know that.

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