In case you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, know that Google Maps has a Driving Mode. It’s an old tech but last year, Google made it possible for the Pixel 2 to know when you are driving to switch to DND mode. Such is possible but the mobile experience can still be made better and on other phones as well. The feature hasn’t been available for other Android devices yet but that may change soon as the tech giant is introducing a Transition programming kit.

This kit allows contextual awareness to be used on other Android apps. This means more devices will be able to enjoy the likes of the Driving Do-Not-Disturb feature, allowing distractions to be minimized automatically. What the framework does is look at the location, sensor data, plus detect motion without draining the device’s battery.

The Transition programming kit is expected to revolutionize some apps by tracking drives and mileage as necessary. It’s relatively a new framework but it has potential to be used in many mobile apps. We know devs have a lot of ideas and with them, the possibilities can be endless.

We’re feeling positive about this new Google project. The Transition framework may be a challenge to figure out but anything is possible now in the mobile game. You’ll see.

VIA: Engadget


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