For all those Android fans out there that love the classic Google BugDroid, we have something just for you. Get out the old school LEGO set and have some fun Andy style. Last year you may remember a LEGO CUUSOO project where a few hopeful individuals launched a project to have an actual Android LEGO set — and today we’re happy to confirm it’s only a few hundred away from reaching its goal.

Back in August of last year LEGO started a campaign similar to a kickstarter, hoping to reach 10,000 supporters for the official BugDroid LEGO set. Not only that, but it’s a robot and has moving parts. Awesome right? For all those Android collectors I know we have around these parts — here’s your chance to own something unique.

The CUUSOO site is for people wishing the LEGO folks would mass produce any particular product and once it gets enough supporters LEGO will indeed do exactly that. It’s been a long journey but now months and months later this official BugDroid needs less than 400 supporters to reach the 10k goal. Here’s a neat video showing it off:

Unlike Kickstarter and other campaigns this is not a commitment to buy, instead it’s an interest in the product and if it gets enough attention LEGO will make it happen. So for everyone that wishes they had around 200 pieces of a LEGO kit to make the ultimate Android BugDroid – here’s your chance! More details and your support can be found by heading to the LEGO BugDroid site. Lets make it happen guys!

[via Reddit]