I’ll be the first to admit, I’m an absolute dunce when it comes to the finer points of software development. I once heard that you could make a pseudo sandwich with Linux, but that just ended up in a mess. Google’s Android Developers team feels my pain, and wants to help me make that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers app I’ve been dreaming about. They’ve made a new section in the Android developer website, titled Android Training, with a wiki-style layout and a wealth of useful – and free – information.

If you follow the Android Developers blog, you know they’re in the habit of sending out helpful instruction to app developers on a regular basis. It appears that their efforts in this area will now be focused on the Android Training portal, wherein you can find such helpful items as “Designing Effective Navigation” and “Managing Audio Playback”. It looks like a great, accessible way for novice developers to get started on Android, and even experts should be able to find something worth knowing. Who better to instruct on the finer points of Google’s operating system than Google’s employees?

Each topic is divided into a series of lessons, further emulating a traditional class. Right now there’s about a dozen different topics, and more should be added in the near future. There’s even sample selections of real code, so students can follow along with the proverbial bouncing ball. There’s also a handy troubleshooting section for nailing down that pesky bug. Get to it, students – there will be questions after.