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The Android engineering team is getting ready for an AMA session on Reddit. As you know, brands and celebrities can host Ask-Me-Anything sessions on the website to have questions of fans and the public about anything answered. It is a good way for a tech giant like Google to reach out to the customers and connect with them. The AMA event will happen on July 9, Thursday. It will be available on The topic will revolve around Android 11 Capability.

A previous AMA session centered on everything about Android 11 Beta. This time, information about milestones and tools will be presented. It’s a deeper discussion about Android 11 and if you’re a developer, you can expect more information will be shared.

The recent updates done to Android 11 will be presented. During the Ask-Me-Anything session, you are free to ask technical questions about Android 11. You can ask anything from changes to new features. The focus will be on the engineering of the Android platform. Personal questions won’t be answered.

The Android team will begin answering questions posted on Reddit on 12:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM EST (UTC 1900) this coming July 9, Thursday. You can now post your questions so the developers can go through them and prepare their answers. The team has shared community guidelines you need to follow if you want to participate in the conversation.

A number of Google and Android executives will be joining the discussion. Listed are as follows: Chet Haase (Android Chief Advocate, Developer Relations), Dianne Hackborn (Manager of the Android framework team), Jacob Lehrbaum (Director, Android Developer Relations), Romain Guy (Manager of the Android Toolkit/Jetpack team), Stephanie Cuthbertson (Senior Director of Product Management, Android), Yigit Boyar (TLM on Architecture Components; +RecyclerView, +Data Binding), Adam Powell (TLM on UI toolkit/framework; views, Compose), and Ian Lake (Software Engineer, Jetpack). If you’re very much interested in the new Android 11 version, do join the conversation.


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